Tiny little player that plays music from jamendo.com and generates a png, that can be used in OBS Studio
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Jamendo OBS Player

This is a tiny little player for jamendo.com music, with display on OBS


As this project uses pipenv, you should install pipenv


sudo dnf install pipenv


sudo apt install pipenv

Now inside the project directory install the pip environment:

pipenv install


To run the player, just use pipenv run command to run jamendo_obs.py:

pipenv run ./jamendo_obs.py chillhop

You can use the --offset option to start the player with an initial offset

To skip a title, send USR1 signal to the player process (you can use this command for a hotkey):

pkill -USR1 -f jamendo_obs.py

OBS Studio

Just add a Picture object and choose the OutputPath from the ini file